It is the Yoga of love and devotion towards the Divine, in every form. Bhakti Yoga is the path that allows our emotions, faith and devotion to be chanelled. It is a powerful method to harmonize and channel the expression of the emotions. For those who are spontaneously inclined to practice it, this kind of Yoga is the easiest and fastest way that leads to superior knowledge and to transcendency.


Kalpa Vriksha Satyananda is a school of yoga founded in 1992 by Sw. Ishananda Saraswati with the aim of spreading the science of integral yoga according to the teachings of Paramahamsa Satyananda, of the Bihar School of Yoga and of the Bihar Yoga Bharati (India).


In many Rehabilitation Centres for alcohol and drugs abuse, Integral Yoga techniques have been introduced as a support to the traditional therapies that are normally applied. Some Yoga practices can help to clean organs, the physiological systems and energy channels; other practices are used to rebalance the functioning of the autonomous nervous system, so helping to stabilize the behaviour of the addicted subjects, reducing the discomfort caused by the alternation of aggressiveness and depression that come along with the various phases of detoxification; some other techniques eliminate states of tension and stress.


Jnana Yoga is the path of knowledge of the Self and of the Sacred Texts. It is intended to be the path for non intellectual knowledge, knowledge that springs during meditation from intuition. It requires a strong will to trespass the limits of intellect and to avoid believing and accepting anything that is not based on personal experience; the Jnana Yogi should inquiry intensively into his own nature, looking for the fundamental answers of existence.


Karma Yoga is the path of spiritual realization through selfless action and work. The essence of Karma Yoga is generosity, unselfishness, consciousness. It is centred on the progressive reduction of initiatives and actions conditioned by ego. In Karma Yoga action directed towards our neighbour develops the awareness of being a tool and a means, which induces to acceptation of others. Keeping up and perfecting the Karma Yoga experience, one can achieve to feel love and devotion that are pure expression of Bhakti Yoga


It's part of Laya Yoga and is tightly connected to Mantra Yoga, to Japa Yoga, to music and to every aspect of sound. It's practices use sound as a means to focalize consciousness, to transcend and to experience the interior sound. In advanced stages of Nada Yoga it is possible to favour the return of the flow of consciousness towards it's original source.